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Best Affordable E-scooters in Australia for 2021


With the variety of e-scooters in the Australian market today, an ideal electric scooter is not just any scooter. And anytime you’re looking for an e-scooter in the market, you’ll want one that will best meet your needs. Whether it’s your e-scooter or for your kid, an electric scooter that is pocket-friendly and guarantees you a comfortable ride will be your best go-to machine.

Orotec offers quality e-scooters, electric scooters at the best possible prices across Australia. Skoot e-scooters comprise our new assortment of the best e-scooters that Orotec has brought into the Australian market with consumers in mind. Built using top-notch technology, the Skoot range of electric scooters gives you a convenient and enjoyable ride at a budget friendly price.

Some of our Skoot e-scooters offerings for 2021 are listed below:

Skoot Hetzer E1 Electric Scooter Black

Key Features

  • Powerful lithium battery chargeable in 3-5 hours, saving you time
  • Strong 350w motor
  • Range of 20-60km to match E-scooters speed, weather, rider’s weight, and the terrain ridden on
  • 15km/h, 25km/h, and 30km/h speed modes to suit the rider’s preferences
  • Maximum load of 80kg, making it ideal for most riders
  • A solid tyre of 8 inches
  • IPX4 rated, resisting water splashes
  • The double braking system for safe and powerful stopping
  • It weighs 11kg, easing portability
  • An elegant look to match different riding environments
  • Manufacturer warranty of 12 months, guaranteeing you long service
  • Foldable design for ease carriage by another vessel

Skoot Hetzer City M1 Electric Scooter

Key Features

  • Strong lithium battery (BMS Intelligent 18650)
  • 4-6 hours full charging time
  • Top speed of 25km/h
  • Powerful 500w motor
  • 20-60km range to match E-scooters speed, and the rider’s weight
  • Ideal 16.2 kg weight
  • Solid tyre of 8.5 inches
  • IPX4 rated, resisting water splashes from any direction
  • Foldable design for easy carriage
  • Front and rear headlights for clear night visibility 
  • Maximum load of 100kg to accommodate average riders
  • The double braking system for solid and safe stopping
  • Climbs up to 15 degrees
  • An elegant look to match different riding places
  • Manufacturer warranty of 12 months, guaranteeing you considerable seamless service

Skoot XBD Glide S9 Electric Scooter Black

Key Features

  • Modern brushless energy-saving motor
  • Rated power of 200-350w max 36v
  • 20-40km range 
  • Lithium battery (18650)
  • 3-5 hours full charging time
  • 8.5 inches, HoneyCombe, inflatable tyres
  • 7.8Ah battery capacity
  • Favorable weight of 14.6kg
  • Climbing: 20 degrees
  • Maximum load of 120kg
  • Power-off brake, disc brake system, and pedal brake for powerful stopping
  • LCD
  • Foldable design for easy portability
  • Comfortable TPR handle
  • Maple Wood Deck (5 layers) for strength and elegance
  • Headlamp comprising three single lamp beads
  • 20-25km speed range, assuring you safety
  • IPX4 rated, resisting water splashes
  • Manufacturer warranty of 12 months

From strong motors, favorable speed/distance range to powerful and safe braking systems, Orotec’s Skoot electric scooters guarantee you the best riding experience, proving to be one of the best e-scooters you can get. They’re also very affordable compared to other e-scooter dealers in Australia. 

Thus, the next time you are searching around for a reliable and affordable e-scooter that can best serve your needs in Australia, remember Orotec. You can easily browse through our website to find the e-scooter of your liking and conveniently place your order online, hassle-free and we will have it delivered to you in one piece