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Apple Wireless Chargers


When looking for a reliable and versatile charger for your Apple devices, you may want to consider Orotec's Apple Wireless Chargers. Some of our best sellers include the Orotec NextGen Apple 3-in-1 Wireless Charger (Apple Airpods/iWatch/Smartphone), Orotec Multi Made for Apple Multi Wireless Charging Station and Dual Wireless Charging Dock Made for Apple (including iWatch). By eliminating wires, our wireless chargers also have great finishes and they are bound to leave ample space on your desk or table for improving the overall appearance of your room. 

Below are some of the more compelling reasons for choosing Apple Wireless Chargers from Orotec: 

Versatile Charging

With our Apple wireless charging solutions, you have the liberty to charge up to three Qi-enabled devices simultaneously. Offering single-device as well as multi-device wireless charging options for your Apple devices, your charging process will become as versatile as your choice of smart devices.  With our Multi-device charging solutions, you can charge your Apple suite altogether with upto three separate dedicated ports for your Apple iPhone, iWatch and AirPods. And, thanks to 10W-18W power delivery, you can expect quick charging even with three connected devices on our Apple wireless chargers.

Case Compatible

Orotec's Apple Wireless Chargers also boasts a wireless charging distance of 9mm, which allows them to charge your devices even through their lightweight cases. This implies that you don’t have to remove your phone’s case when charging it with our wireless chargers. 

Enhanced Compatibility

All our wireless chargers are compliant with the Qi standard thus, they are fully compatible with all Qi enabled wireless devices including Apple iPhones, iWatches and Airpods. Generally speaking, our wireless chargers will work amicably with any device comprising the latest technology, including iPhone 8/X/XR/XS/11/11 Pro/SE/12 mini/12/12 Pro, Apple iWatch Series 3 to 6, and AirPods 2 /AirPods Pro. 

Manufacturer Warranty

We offer 12 months of full Manufacturer Warranty for each product purchased from us including our Apple Wireless Chargers, Wireless Charging Pads and Wireless Charging Stations.

The Bottom Line 

It is now a piece of cake to charge your entire Apple suite of products including Apple iPhone, iWatch and Airpods with Orotec's range of Apple Wireless Chargers that flaunts around 10W-18W of power delivery for fast charging. Our wireless chargers are extremely portable and sufficiently compact to fit snugly on a nightstand or office table. They will also complement your interior décor thanks to their sleek design and glossy looks. And, what's more they come at a very affordable price range starting from $25 to $110.

So if you're looking to buy wireless chargers for your Apple suite of products, remember Orotec Australia for your wireless needs.